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Ronald L. Rubin – List of Media Quotes

January 29, 2015, American Banker

Cheat Sheet: How CFPB’s Mortgage Changes Will Help Small Banks


December 1, 2014, Corporate Counsel

Let’s Make a Deal. Maybe.


October 20, 2014, National Law Journal

Agency Sets High Expectations For Cooperation


October 2, 2014, Law360

CFPB Flexes Creative Muscles In Mortgage Servicer Sanction


September 15, 2014, National Law Journal

The Hill Hot List


July 21, 2014, National Law Journal

At 3, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Hits Stride


June 24, 2014, InsideARM

Former CFPB Employee: Debt Buyers in the Bureau’s Crosshairs


June 11, 2014, American Banker

How a High Court Ruling on Tribal Powers May Impact Payday Lending


June 6, 2014, American Banker

Lawsuit Signals Strategic Shift by ‘Choke Point’ Critics


May 21, 2014, Bloomber/BNA Daily Report for Executives

Lawyers Explore Views on Payday Loans, Discuss Shape of Expected CFPB Rules


April 8, 2014, i-Sight

Alleged CFPB Discrimination isn’t Likely a Disparate Impact Case


March 25, 2014, The Hill

Dodd-Frank Army Skips to K Street


February 3, 2014, Bank Safety and Soundness Advisor

CFPB to Focus on Debt Collection


December 30, 2013, National Law Journal

2013: THE YEAR IN REVIEW – The Year in Quotes: Action Shifts To the Agencies


December 23, 2013, Bank Safety and Soundness Advisor

2014 Outlook – The Regulatory “Black Cloud” Will Persist, but Opportunities There for Creative Bankers


November 6, 2013, American Banker

Debt Collection Industry Siding with CFPB So Far


October 24, 2013, National Law Journal

Consumer Agency Charges Law Firm with Illegal Kickbacks


October 22, 2013, Law360

Feds Say QM Loans Won’t Spur Fair Lending Suits


October 14, 2013, National Law Journal

Debt-Collection Lawyers Chafe At Consumer Bureau Oversight


October 11, 2013, Bloomberg/BNA Daily Report For Executives

CFPB Removes Enforcement Attorneys From Exams, But Coordination Will Continue


October 10, 2013, Law360

CFPB Exams Likely To Improve Without Enforcement Muscle


July 16, 2013, Wall Street Journal

Consumer Bureau’s Director Confirmed After Long Delay


July 8, 2013, Bank Safety and Soundness Advisor

Think Twice before Self- Reporting Consumer Compliance Violations


July 3, 2013, Wall Street Journal

Consultants Snap Up Alumni of Consumer Watchdog Agency


June 14, 2013, American Banker

Why the CFPB Keeps Losing Its Senior Staff


June 10, 2013, National Law Journal

Firms Eye CFPB Lawyers


June 3, 2013, Politico

CFPB exodus: Brain drain or growing pains?


May 30, 2013, American Banker

CFPB Hits Home Run on Mortgage Rule Revisions


May 25, 2013, Barron’s

Powerful New Consumer Watchdog Slowly Rises


May 20, 2013, Politico 5/20/13

What if Senate continues to block Richard Cordray at CFPB?


October 9, 2013, American Banker

CFPB Pulls Enforcement Attorneys from Its Exams


August 13, 2013, American Banker

PNC ‘Disparate Impact’ Investigation Just the Start, Lenders Fear


July 29, 2013, Politico Pro

For CFPB, a question of how much it can oversee lawyers


July 22, 2013, American Banker

Expect an Even Bolder CFPB in Year Three


April 17, 2013, Bloomberg

U.S. Amasses Data on 10 Million Consumers as Banks Object


April 5, 2013, Law360

CFPB Shines Harsh Spotlight On Shady Reinsurance Deals


February 13, 2013, Wall Street Journal

‘Pay to Play’ Pact Yields $24 Million for New Mexico


January 31, 2013, Bloomberg

Validity of Consumer Bureau at Stake in Legal Challenge


January 30, 2013, National Law Journal

With Cordray’s Authority in Doubt, Banks Weigh Spurning CFPB


January 29, 2013, CNN Money

Credit card cases at risk from ruling


January 28, 2013, Mlex

CFPB Shift from Mortgage Rulemaking to Oversight Will Test Examiners’ Experience


January 25, 2013, National Law Journal

Court finds appointments unconstitutional


January 14, 2013, National Law Journal

Banks Believe They Can Live with New Mortgage-Underwriting Rule


December 13, 2012, National Law Journal

Consumer Agency Gives Companies a Freer Hand with Disclosure


October 11, 2012, Bloomberg

Consumer Groups Ask CFPB to Scrap Mortgage Rules as Inadequate


September 21, 2012, Wall Street Journal

Bankruptcy Beat Snapshot: Ronald Rubin


September 19, 2012, Financial Fraud Law

Gearing Up for Wave of Consumer Lending Enforcement Actions


September 13, 2012, LegalTimes

Former Consumer Financial Agency Attorney Heads to Hunton


April 28, 2011, Wall Street Journal

David Sokol ‘Won’t Wind Up in the Bunk Above Madoff’


April 7, 2011, Wall Street Journal

Berkshire Affair Highlights Legal Gray Area


April 1, 2011, Wall Street Journal

Hedge Funds Looking for Lessons!B0B92FD2-5C63-4719-AADE-1AC88F4346C8


May 6, 2009, New York Times

More States Start Pension Inquiries

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